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The African American community is disproportionately affected by preventable diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Additionally, African American men have the lowest life-expectancy than any group in the US. Health disparities of this magnitude will continue to undermine the viability of our people. The program screened over 30,000 African American men in 800 black-owned barbershops in over 50 cities in the US. Over the past decade, the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program found success in it’s three-pronged approach to community engagement:

SCREEN: We screen men for diabetes as well as high blood pressure.
EDUCATE: We educate men about making life style choices.
REFER: We refer men to local, affordable health care resources.

With a new initiative, The BBHOP’s “Health, Wealth & Sustainability Initiative” is focusing on another three-pronged effort to screen and educate up to 1,000,000 African American men for cardiovascular diseases by the year 2020. This will take money and one prong of this is expected to create funding for those entities who participate. We are seeking additional barbershops across the country as well as other stakeholders such as fraternities, sororities, churches and other affinity groups to join in this effort as affiliates. To accomplish this, BBHOP is organizing to recapture a significant segment of the beauty and hair care industry. Revenue generated from this initiative will be allocated to addressing health disparities as well as wealth building within the African American community. The beauty and hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar sector of which African Americans control less than 1% yet represent over 35% of the revenue generated. This has to change.

As we launch this new initiative, we again call for the support of all service organizations, churches and the like to participate in a pilot to test this concept: Health, Wealth and Sustainability. Service organizations are always searching for funding to support their national and local programs in addition to funding to facilitate functioning at a high level. Fundraising consumes extensive time and manpower. Securing grants may present another headache with managing another in-house nonprofit organization, its personnel, and managing the grant requirements as well. As a member, I can testify that previous fundraisers require a lot of planning, teamwork, sales, event setup, vendor relations, budgeting, managing payouts and at the end, we get what’s left. This collaboration is an alternative that will solve our funding needs and address a critical community need simply by employing this model of self-reliancy within our own community, “…Buy from us. Sell to us. Encourage us. Benefit from us. Reinvest in us.”
Finally, we’d like to layout a purpose-driven sales strategy to drive wealth building….together.


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